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(This photo series was awarded Honourable Mention at the 2021 Spring Documentary Family Awards.) 

"Larry, my husband, is a photographer. He first discovered his cancer in 2012. In a way, cancer was what gave him the courage to finally pursue photography as a career in 2018. In August 2020, a day after our younger daughter’s first birthday, my husband received news that the tumour in his nasal cavity had grown and was pushing against his right eye as well as his brain. Within weeks, with few options available, he had to make a difficult decision to undergo a major surgery. The surgery would remove the tumour, and most likely also his right eye – the eye he shoots with. Leading up to the surgery, we grieved for his right eye and found acceptance. When he woke from his 14-hour surgery, his surgeon told him that they had managed to remove the tumour without removing his eye. He was angry, but mostly afraid, that saving his eye also means they left traces of cancer behind. While they managed to keep his right eye, his face and vision are no longer what they used to be. These days, he shoots with his left eye. Occasionally, he is gripped with fear that the cancer may find his good eye. This surgery changed Larry in both tangible and intangible ways. The cancer remains a part of him. Nevertheless, he forges ahead, ever evolving. For 12 days, Larry who’s usually documenting life for families put his camera away, so I picked it up to bear witness to his."

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